Our founder

Kim Spyron is the founder and head designer behind the Oooh brand. Kim has a strong connection with nature, a sweet tooth and an instinctual urge to organise, make pretty and nurture plants. She believes in a responsibility to tread lightly on this earth, to celebrate it and to appreciate it.

After a stint in the sciences, she followed her heart to pursue a more creative career in Interior Design. Directly after completing her formal education, she went to work in the retail industry, designing petrol stations and retail stores.

Kim founded her own design studio in 2014. It’s her dream to create a sustainable and lasting legacy through her work, through respect for the planet and how she shows that respect in her everyday and design decisions.



Our approach: longevity, quality and timeless style

We believe in the simplest, most logical and natural flow between elements. It’s our central focus to create a space that allows a person to enjoy it fully and use it optimally - choosing the design and decor that supports the function of a room in the most effective and efficient way. We aim for longevity, quality and timeless style in everything that we do.



Our aesthetic: organised with a sense of ease

We often reference nature or an earthy simplicity in our designs, and it’s our intention to create spaces that support a quality, balanced lifestyle. We always consider the activities that take place in a specific space, and then structure a natural and logical design solution around that. The aim is to enrich the interaction with a space – allowing you to be your most present, effective and efficient.

Our design aesthetic can be described as organised, practical, with a sense of ease and organic simplicity.